richochet rocket rockin’ geek

Don’t tell me jack squot about this!
fer your entertainment I will rock out out out out out out out out out out outoutbkglfdjlk
sorry,can’t… stop…. laughing! Rofl lol tih!kjffdghuvnghgdnismfvugsycnvhnfmxjfdhgud

duh der ger qwer let me comment on someone…..

Really, they have? They have so declined?huh?der?
The “in this regard” must be the magic loophole here. “Ah yes, we’ve questioned Sarah Palin’s fitness in the regard of being pro-life, of having five kids, of having not gone to Wellesly or Yale, of wearing porn-star hooker glasses, of buying a tanning bed, of being Governor only as long as our Messiah has been a Senator, of leaving herself vulnerable to her personal e-mail being illegally hacked, of her husband getting a DUI twenty-two years ago…but not specifically in the regard of speaking in tongues and handling snakes!”



One Response to “richochet rocket rockin’ geek”

  1. Sorry ’bout that junk.

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