Gal, the Alien Destroyer

I am making a game of the same name as this post.

The Imax Climax
(parking lot) You will start out in a parking lot with the Imax Climax in front of you. Beside you is a PM, at the entrance to the theatre is your very first SMC, and the wire rails are
blocking the front door.Kill the SMC with your PSTL (Because it’s all you got right now. ) and go towards the Ticket Registration Office (TRO), the wall beside it will blow up.
(There is also a SMC in the window here.)Go in the resulting hole here and kill the SMC.There is a PSTL on the cabinet here,and in the cabinet is a PM.Go in the door in the back
of this place and you will arrive in the Imax Climax.There are two SMC in this room plus the one behind the consession stand.

(SECRET #1) There is an elevator in the lobby that leads to a small closet that has a WSP and a CGUN.

(Theatre) Behind the consession stand is a SGUN and the RK. Now, once you got the Stuff, go to the door to the theatre room,but be coutious, for there are 5 SMC in this room.
once you go towards the front row of seats the curtains will draw revealing two SMC and a propane tank. Shoot the propane tank and it will blow up revealing two FH and a
SMC. The exit button is behind them.

Bad day at office
(Parking lot)You will first start out in (der) a parking lot.And you will hear the imax climax blow up.Beside you are some phone booths.Go in one of them and press the button here.
this makes a part of the wall to open up. The BK is in here and,this part is hard,two FH will spawn and if you kill one another one will spawn.I highly suggest you grab the BK and
run to burger king, (or intel) and use the BK on the door.

(lobby)In here are two SMC and your very first WF.Once you are done with them, head towards the locker room.

(SECRET #1)Before you go,,jump up on the couch. It will sink into the ground to reveal some CA.

(locker room) Once you are in here,kill the two SMC,and the two WF. Now,go to the lockers.The left one has two CA, a MGM,and a PMED,while the other one has the YK,two MNM,and SHL.Once you got the YK,go
to the elevator.

(cubicle offices) There are a lot of cubical walls here.In one, there is some COFF,and that’s ’bout it for the spoil cubicles. Go to the last one to the right and solve the puzzle.First, hit the button to lower it which reveals a shrinker alcove (this is the only one there is).Now,get hit by the blasts that come from it,then,go through the crawl space under the desk to get to emerge in a small,red, room with a button in it.Hit this button,then,
go through the crawl space above it.Now,once you are back in the cubicle office,shoot the button at the tippee-top of this place. This opens a painting towards the entrance of this place.In the painting’s hatch there is the RK,and 2 CA.

(SECRET #2)Open up the wall behind the RK.In here is a button.Press it. This opens the painting opposite of you. In here is a grate that leads to a small bridge above the red room.
There is another grate here. In here is a tunnel that leads to a switch. Flip it. Now return to the area labled cubicle offices.

(Intel corporation laptop chip room) (Boy!) Go back to the lobby,there is a high-tech door that has gotten unlocked by you. Go in this door,you will emerge in a computer chip factory with tons of SMC.Bust out that CGUN and mow ’em all down! Then get the spoils which consist of 2 CA, 5 MNM,one MGM,PMED,and a PM with ORB right next to it. Now, bust the window and jump on the nearby rooftop. The exit button is on a monolith here.

(Entrance) You start out with no weapons exept for the HCHT.There is a PSTL in front of you. Open the big door here.

(SECRET #`1) To the right of you when you evacuate is the general store. In here is tons of spoils and your very first GPGC. The spoils consist of BA, 2 ORB,PMED, 3 PM, and

(Barn office) Opposite of the general store is a SMC. Further on is a WF and SECRET # 2.

(SECRET #2) There is a button here right of you. Hit it. this opens up a compartment with a SGUN inside.

(Barnyard) Go out here to a bunch of cows and a bull which counts as an enemy.Out here is two SMC.

(SECRET #3) There is a cow booth here. It has a BZ in front of it’s door. You can use this BZ to blow up the door to reveal FG.

(Stable) You can ride the Cart to get to THE Lavatory.In the lavatory is a vent that leads to the other side. Behold, a button. Hit it. This opens the gate to the stable. Go back in the
cart, Ride it to the stable, and rid the three WF.

Now, in the stable, kill the two GPGC and climb the ladder.

(hay room) In here is,taking cover behind / on top of, some SMC and WF.Fight your way through until you reach three bails of hay aligned and stacked in the form of stairs.Climb
up them and break the window.Now, jump out it and kill the SMC and get the BK.

(SECRET #4) There is a BZ here, grab it and shoot it at the door here. Some BZA will drop once you do this and two WF will drop too.

From SECRET #4, go to where you dropped from the haybails and stay on the railing,now this requires some dexterity,wait for the cart to come.Then,from where you are,,jump into
the cart.

(BarnYard) Back at the barnyard (LOL) make a run to the sewage grate,then,use the BK on the monolith. Now, “use” the elevator-grate.

(Sewer) This part is a pain.First, you have to fly out again by using your RB ,then , you have to hop back in for the cart has crashed and rolling canisters are coming towards the sewers and that can kill all resistance when hitting the ground because it will blow up. Now go back in and proceed, you just got past the pain.  There are lots of WF in here but probably got killed by the explosion, there is a SMC on the elevator when you
pull it down.

(SECRET LEVEL) There is a Propane tank mounted  on the wall. Blow it up. This leaves a hole in the wall. Jump in it. The secret exit button is AROUND HERE SOMEWHERE. (LOL)

( YK containing room ) Go up the elevator. In here is a circumference of container cans. One has a button on it. This lowers it to reveal the YK.

(area) Use the YK on it’s pad in the Barn office. Doing this lowers a section of the wall revealing a button. Press it. Now run to the entering room. In here is a new room with your very first WWDIP and the RK.

(horse stable) Use the RK in the stable (y’know,when you had to fight two GPGC at a time. Now,carefully, proceed in the threshold. When you go in this room the wall opposite  of you will blow up followed by a flock of FH and WAGTOCPAN. Go in the resulting hole, you will arrive in a clover field.

(cabin) Across from you is a gold miner’s cabin, which will blow up when you approach it. Go in there, (After the explosion, of cource.) and notice (besides
the two SMC) is debris aligned as stairs to a broken window. Jump out the window,(I know, this seems silly, but trust me, it’ll take you straight to the exit,which it does.)
and hit the exit button.

And that’s not all!


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  1. Those are walkthroughs,der. Wouldn’t tell you to do this in real life.

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